Centor Screens

Centor has solved the problem of how to screen large openings, while preserving your views and your indoor-outdoor space.

Centor’s S1E Eco-Screen was specifically designed for Bi-Fold scale openings up to 7.6 m wide and completely retracts into the doorjamb when not in use. The mesh is sheer, and there are no grills or horizontal bars to detract from the view. The screen is barely noticeable when in use, and completely disappears when you don’t need it. 

The screens were designed specifically for use with folding doors with the aim of preserving the vistas created by a folding opening.

Installing screens means you can leave your doors open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air-conditioner use.

Centor screens are tough enough to withstand real-life use, backed by a five-year warranty. The screen is made from a hardwearing polyester/PVC material that can withstand damage from pets. Tight Technology™ ensures the screen remains straight and tight across the widest spans. 

The screen can be opened and shut from any height on the stile, so even small children can operate it. With no crude spring loading to fight against, the screen remains firmly in any chosen position across the opening. This is thanks to Centor’s patent pending Load Balancing Technology™.

Visit our Centor Screens gallery for design options. 

Designed for large openings prices starting from approximately $2000. Contact us direct for latest prices and all your sizing needs.