In design situations where the entrance requires distance between the door and the solid wall, a gap is left and filled with a highlight or transom overhead and sidelights beside the door. The options for this form of entrance vary from an open frame fully glazed, to frames glazed and fitted into the frame. Many doors in particular the traditional style, where door and either one or two sidelights are popular, have a sidelight that matches the door. Louvers with the modern style of galleries are also quite popular on a more contemporary designed house, where air flow is also important.l

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Hinged Door - Single Louvre Gallery Sidelight (up to 400mm wide)
An easy way to increase the airflow through your entrance, whilst not compromising safety.
SLG014 Glazed Timber Sidelight
This door offers plenty of the Victorian era appeal, and is used extensively with the DG014 & DS014. It has the design options, with the complete glass range.