Standard Height

Standard Height
Being over width, (normally 1200mm wide) and obvioulsy heavier than a standard door, hinges are not an effective way of hanging the door. A pivot system has been developed of fitting the door to carry the weight and to provide smooth and safe working. The pivot allows for the doors to be held open, close slowly and constantly, and to shut gently. The Door Keeper has developed it's own style of frame and housing for pivot doors, and is without doubt a leader inthe development fo this style of entrance.

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DGP Wave Glazed Timber Entrance  Door
For someone looking for something that little bit different our Wave pivot door provides this, in our pivot door range.
DGP023 Glazed Timber Entrance Door
Where lots of light is required or an unobstructed view is needed, the one light door design is the ideal choice.
DGP057S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
This door, especially glazed with dark grey glass, gives quite a stunning look.
DGP070S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
The DGP070S lets in plenty of light if required, and depending upon the glass type selected, can also offer a feel of privacy. It gives plenty of design flair as well, with its square profile and contemporary lines and is one of several designs that looks impressive.
DGP108S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
The DGP108S features the dramatic combination of thin and wide stiles creating a uniquely sophisticated narrow sight line entrance design. Featuring strong slim lines and attractive minimalist details the DGP108S offers a horizontal design reflecting personal style whilst fulfilling functional requirement of privacy, security and strong light transmission.
DGP15S Glazed Timber Pivot Door
The DG Pivot 15 , not only lets in plenty of light if required, it also offers a feel of privacy, and gives plenty of design flair as well. This door can give a totally different look depending upon the glass choice selected.
DGP215S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
New for 2014: DG215S and DG217S showcase our latest suite of sleek contemporary entrance designs.
DGP217S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
The DGP217S incorporates geometric design, elegance and symmetry at its best. Consisting of diagonally angled glazed panels framed within vertical and horizontal stiles this ultra modern design is guaranteed to impress all entrance areas. Strong and functional the DGP217S design reflects an attention to detail, enhancing the structure and design of any entrance.
DGP218S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
Combining simplicity and function, the DGP218S showcases contemporary vertical and horizontal detailing at its best. The blend of wide rails, sleek narrow glazed panels aligned aside a single large vertical glazed panel add strength and security to this uniquely sophisticated design. The DGP218S simple yet bold design creates a dramatic first impression.
DGP404S Glazed Timber Entrance Door
Any of the straight, flat bar or marble handles look very suitable on the this pivot.
DGPC Glazed Timber Entrance Door
In the situation where plenty of light is required, and the entrance is suited to an pivot door, the DG Pivot C is an ideal choice. This door, especially glazed with frost glass, gives quite a modern look.
DGPFP Series Floating Panel Glazed Timber Entrance Door
The DGPFP or Floating Panel series, offers an elegant solution where plenty of light is desired but a one light design is just too plain.