Australia Wide Delivery

General Freight

We manufacture a box for your doors and frames to travel in to keep them safe, made from recycled packing sheets - usually craftwood or chipboard offcuts. The General freight option requires enough people at the site to unload the box which can be rather heavy at times if more than one door is purchased. Alternatively we can arrange pick up from your local freight depots where forklift loading onto a trailer is possible. Tracking your freight is done via email from the carrier directly to the customer notifying of expected delivery day and then an approximate delivery time only for that particular day. This option requires you to be at the site over a half - full day time period with the appropriate number of people to help unload, so this must be considered when chosing freight type. Remeber we can arrange for pick up from local freight depots that will allow more flexibility. This type of freight is regular service and we send products via this method on a daily basis.

Furniture Removal Delivery

This type of removal ensures that your doors are handled with care, including being individually wrapped in packing blankets for safe delivery. This service does not require us to make a box because once the doors are loaded onto the truck they will not be moved or unloaded anywhere but at your site. Furniture removalists are experts at moving this type of freight and unloading is a much easier option for our customers as there are two delivery drivers to unload at your site. This negates the possibility of needing to have many people waiting around for your delivery. You will be regularly kept informed with good old fashioned service via phone calls of the whereabouts and the approximate delivery day and time. This service runs less frequently compared with the general freight option and removalists sometimes work over the weekends so there is a possibility that delivery may be required on a Saturday or Sunday. This freight method depends on the furniture removalists schedule so it may not always be an option to your area if you require delivery at a certain time.