Solid Screen Doors

A front door is more than just an entrance to your home - it is a stylish statement, a first impression, and a complementary element to your home’s facade. Solid Screen provides the benefits of safety and air flow - without compromising on visual appeal!

We believe that the highest quality door accessories enhances the appearance and functionality of your entrance.

The Door Keeper hardware range offers a comprehensive range of pull handles, locks, hinges to suit all requirements. Our range of stainless steel handles are made from a higher grade stainless steel than the recommended Australian Standard Grade. Ensuring the Door Keeper standard of quality.

Likewise only the highest grade, stainless steel bearing hinges are standard to all Door Keeper doors and pre-hung framing systems. Brass is also available. The Door Keeper hardware range can be customised to suit any situation. Contact us today for all your custom pull handle and hardware needs.

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