Pivot Doors

All 1200mm, Door Keeper manufactured Pivot doors are encased within a “pre-hung” frame. The oversize width and height flexibility, exclusive to Pivot designs, present grand entrance options over 820mm and 1020mm doors.

The Door Keeper Pivot doors are fully adjustable within the pre-hung frame aiding house settlement or slab movement. The Pivot door “Hold open” / “Self Closing” smooth operating door system is a popular choice with new homes and renovations alike.

The Door Keeper standard timber selection includes Meranti and Rosewood.

The Door Keeper promise: No Veneer; No Craftwood; No Cardboard; No Chipboard. We exclusively craft, design and sell only Solid Timber Joinery Entrance Doors.

The Door Keeper is a proud manufacturer of Australian Made solid timber joinery doors. Designed and constructed onsite at our Queensland workshop. Our standard range of solid timber entrance doors includes sizes of 820mm, 1020mm and 1200mm (pivot).

The Door Keeper's specialised Custom Joinery, offers sold timber entrance doors to meet all design and size requirements.


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